Industry partners

The proposed research on transportation and logistics over water will show its potential when cities and the involved businesses (transport operators, shipping companies, e-commerce firms etc.) collaborate with transportation and logistics researchers. Therefore, we have built a consortium with governamental and industrial partners.


The involvement of Municipality of Amsterdam, as problem owner of creating a liveable city, is important for TRiLOGy as they will provide insights on the real problems and give insights on the plausibility of the methodologies. AMS (Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions) is a key partner that links the research to the smart city developments and businesses, specifically in Amsterdam. They are already working actively with MIT and TU Delft for scientific challenges. Moreover, field tests will make use of the facilities at AMS.

Municipality of Amsterdam

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AMS Institute

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Zoev City, is one of the main contributors and their involvement is very important (1) to have the expertise in real-life shipping, (2) to have real-life case studies based on their data for the logistics network in Amsterdam for experimenting through simulation, and (3) to use their electric boat ‘Dorus’ for obtaining measurements for representing large scale and electric propulsion vessels in simulations as well as for field experiments for autonomy.

AMS also has a critical role from the industrial perspective in order to reach out to design the case studies in a realistic way. We also have the support of DEMCON with their expertise in unmanned systems. Our partner Flying Fish is a start-up in the area of transportation over water and they already develop solutions for water-taxis interacting closely with researchers at TU Delft.

Flying Fish

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